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a wealthier you

If you were raised like most people (including me), you learned that money is scarce, elusive and altogether mysterious. . . and yet getting more of it is the answer to all of your problems.


What’s missing from this mixed message is what the wealthy already know – that the rules of money and wealth are easy and only need to be learned ONCE.


For starters, you can only do 3 things with money: Spend it, Save it and Invest it. Most of us are great at just one, but if you can accomplish all three each month, financial independence is yours.


In terms of living a life of financial freedom, why NOT you?


Besides, what else you got going on? 😮

Understand Money

The first step toward financial independence is understanding money and removing any limiting beliefs you may hold.

Believe in Yourself

The second step is believing that you are deserving of financial abundance and that you already have the smarts to figure it out.

Map your Journey

The third step is creating your unique path to wealth and then following it.


Living paycheck-to-paycheck0%
Admit to a spending / saving problem0%
Millionaires that are self-made0%
Feel safe w/money in the bank0%

When we don’t talk about money, we end up living in the RED with others who feel powerless with their money.


We struggle with it because no one has ever had The Money Talk with us.


As the rules of wealth are learnable, everyone’s sole financial goal in life should be to get from RED to GREEN.


That’s where I come in!



Todd Havens


(debt-free dad)


(on a donkey in Bryce Canyon…it’s a thing)

As the author of the soon-to-be published The Money Talk and the creator and host of an upcoming podcast of the same name, I’m fascinated by the psychology of wealth – the fact that how you THINK about money directly affects what’s in your wallet.


I love talking about money and am excited to show you how to gain total confidence and control of your own money so you can become wealthier tomorrow than you are today.


I don’t just talk the (money) talk – I grew up quintessentially American middle class, graduated college with $50,000 in student loan debt and spent years barely making ends meet until I decided I wanted more financial freedom in my life.


Having succeeded at setting my family up to become first generation millionaires, I understand the psychological hurdles on the road to wealth and now consider it my mission to help others reach for their financial dreams, too.

our products

1)  The 5 Money Myths


FREE Email Course

If your parents and your friends aren’t wealthy, you inherited limiting money beliefs that are holding you back from financial freedom. Start with. . .

Break free from the 5 BIGGEST Money Myths of the Middle Class – the same limiting beliefs that held me back  – and learn how to FIX ‘EM with this course.


This FREE email course, consisting of 5 emails sent every other day for a week, will begin the process of rewiring your mind for wealthier thoughts which is where financial freedom begins – woohoo!


Get the free MONEY MYTHS




Infographic + Bonuses

Would you know what to do with a MILLION dollars?


If not, you probably don’t know what to do with the money you DO have. Until now!


This beautiful, high-resolution infographic, including accompanying worksheets and how-to audio files teach you HOW to Think Wealthy with your money whether that’s a million dollars or what you have right now! It’s how we went from $50,000 in debt to first-generation millionaires within 3 years.


The Money Dam is an illustration of the only sentence in the English language that separates a life of indebtedness from a life of wealth.


This has been called the easiest and most flexible way to think about your money. And all you need to know to use it is ONE NUMBER – what you pay for your monthly rent or mortgage payment.


After all, if you don’t give a dam about your money, no one else will!



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